WiFi Sync

Ronald Easley 13 years ago updated by Mobbeel 13 years ago 1
I am in the USAF, stationed in S Korea: therefore I can't get phone service (3G).
I do have WiFi capability, which allows me to sync other items on my phone (i.e. now just a PDA).
I tried to save a password w/BioWallet (PC to Phone) today and it never finds my phone.
it came back with this error: "Could not connect to BioWallet. Please check your phone is on and with connectivity"

Is it because I'm on a S Korean server?

Hello Roland,

You don't need a 3G connection to work with BioWallet2Browser. The error you report seems to be a connection problem either on your PC or your phone. Maybe you are behind a firewall that restricts your outgoing connections? Also, make sure you are logged in with the same google account in both your phone and your chrome browser.


Mobbeel Team.