Export Incomplete

Edward Ned Harvey 13 years ago updated by Mobbeel 13 years ago 3
biowallet 1.0.2 on android 2.2.1
I export to a file... And then I look through the .csv file, and I see it contains only one entry, which is an entry I deleted long ago. Currently I have only one entry, and it's not present in the export.

I don't know if this is reproducible, but here is what I did:

Installed biowallet 1.0.1
Deleted all the built-in categories.
Created a new test "foo" entry (text document)
Created a 2nd entry which I actually care about.
Deleted the "foo" entry.
Upgraded to 1.0.2
Export to a file (including password and attachments)

My exported file only contains "foo" and not the entry that I actually care about.
Hello Edward,

We cannot reproduce it. A coupe of questions to see if we are able to reproduce the bug:

- The first "foo" entry is a "Document" with an attachment of text type: .txt, .doc.... ?

- What kind of entry do you use for the second entry ? and what kind file you attach?

Sorry for the incovenience.

Best regards,
Mobbeel support team.
How can I completely erase my wallet and everything? I will try this, and then I will recreate my wallet, and see if I get the same problem again.
You have an option delete all your information without losing your enrollment under Settings -> User -> Delete Stored Information. This option is the same as "Reset Application" but you keep your enrollment (signature and password).