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Card expiry dates

Alastair 14 years ago updated by Mobbeel 14 years ago 3
Card expiry dates are listed as "Expires End" not with the day of a month.
Please could we have the same?
Hello Alastair,

Could you explain it a little bit further?

Do you mean you want an "Expires End" label right next to the expiration date? or do you want for the date selector just appears month/year and not month/day/year ? (please note the day is ignored and not listed in the credit card layout).

Mobbeel Team.
Thankyou for your reply. Well, I'd suggest that your goal (with your wonderful rotating image etc) is to replicate the real card, and if that is so, then cards say "Expires end> 03/11". So a 2 digit date is ideal if it is not too much trouble. I still also get asked for "Valid From" dates on occasion.
We will consider to add a "Valid From" to credit card record.

About the "Expires End" we will see if that goes well enough with the current layout design ;)

Thanks again for the suggestions,
Mobbeel Team.
Under review