Your comments

En primer lugar gracias por tus palabras :)

Con respecto al registro personalizable, es algo que tenemos pensado implementar. Quizas no en la siguiente versión, pero sí en las posteriores.

Muchas gracias por tu sugerencias.
Hello Jeff,

This feature is already in our roadmap and we have done some work on it.

Hopefully we will be able to release a beta very soon.

Thanks again for your feedback :)
We've added this importer to our roadmap.

We hope it will be available soon.

Hello Jeff,

When we implement the lock screen we will definitely insert those fields on the screen. It is a great idea. Thanks for your feedback!


You are right. We should have a change log. Maybe we should do that for the next release.

For now, we just have this "what's new" on the BioWallet's FAQ on the website (that's kind of change log, but we don't specify all the changes, just the important ones).

On the other side, when you update the application, a similar to "what's new" message should appear just the first time.

Thanks for the feedback :)
Hello John,

As you commented us the problem was on the biowallet's path for exporting its information. It is "/sdcard/data/com.mobbeel".

The app was failing due to the lack of this folder. It can be fixed by creating "data" folder.

Anyway this bug is already been fixed and it will be available in the next release of the app.

Thanks for reporting it :)
Could you describe your problem? :)

You were right.

We've changed the web and now it's completely new.

Check it out! :)

Any feedback is more than welcome
The field will have 15 digits for phone, and it will be available in the next release of BioWallet.

Thanks for the feedback.