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Ok i have sent you my request to be added as a beta tester but so far I have heard nothing about iris testing and I have not gotten anything back.  Is this still under development?
Has there been any further development on Iris Recognition? I noticed there is now a section on the site for it but there is still no link or even a place to signup for beta testing. I am really interested in this feature and am already very avid about how useful biowallet is. I have to use 16 to 24 character passwords for work and this is the only way I am willing to store them so I can keep all of my passwords safe. I would really like to make it easier and more secure to access then just a signature or password.

One end user waiting on the edge of his seat for his feature!

Thank you all the work everyone has done to bring biowallet to market and your continued efforts to improve it and make it more secure.