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Cannot find how to export from Biuowallet signature 1.8.2

Hello. This is an almost forgotten past 7 years old issue. But I noticed the biowalleet2broser chrome extension mentioned is not anymore available and I need to export my Mobbell signatures fromone phone to another and cannot find the way to export the data without the chrome browser extension.

Great. Tested this morning with 1.0.8. It works. Many thanks.

Mobbeel team has answered by now. They are working hard to get a solution, as shown in a recent post.
Definitly frustrating as you say. I continue to feel the outraging issue on Chrome version 16.0.912.63 m under Windows 7, pointing that its a mobeel or Chrome plugin issue. So I don't belieive the issue has really been fixed 5 months ago. I have the Biowallet Signature Version 1.6  and the Biowallet 2 Browser Version 1.1. installed and running, My Biowallet Signature is open bit I always get the bloody image.pngpop out. each time I trigger the Chrome plugin button. I tried almost everything but the full erase and reinstall. It seems that mobbeel has got a real issue by now, but they do not seem to care about it.  The security is really tight because Chrome is allegedely the only browser supported and it does not work at all !!! 

I do not know how to complain further. If you succeed, please let us know.

Same for me. It worked before but now I get this same message. Where is the mentioned Biowallet server ? In my mobile or on the Web ?
Please be more specific.