Скрытие а не удаление папок

Александр 10 years ago updated by Mobbeel 10 years ago 0
Спасибо, суть классная-хотелось бы возможность скрывать папки целиком чтоб ни кто не имел доступ пока в программе не зайдешь под своей записью. После реализации данной функции готов купить за 10$ ;)
Mobbeel 10 years ago
Прежде всего, это автоматический перевод с помощью Google Translate:)

Мы запланировали эту функцию для будущих релизов. Может быть, не скрывает весь каталог, но шифрования.

Спасибо за ваши слова.

С уважением,
Mobbeel команды.


First of all, this is an automatic translation using google translate :)

We have planned this feature for future releases. Maybe not hiding the entire directory but encrypting it.

Thanks for your words.

Kind regards,
Mobbeel Team.
Under review

Program to crash :(

Ruslan Chernyuk 9 years ago updated by Mobbeel 9 years ago 0

BioWallet Signature does not admit. Personality recognize, but then displays a message REJECTED. If a password is not correct, then provides the ability to enter until it recognizes the right and then writes REJECTED.

How do I save the information entered ?

Mobbeel 9 years ago
We are not able to reproduce that bug. Please contact support (at) mobbeel (dot) com with more details and we will try to help you.

porque no puedo cambiar la foto?

Anonymous 11 years ago updated by Mobbeel 11 years ago 1
Mobbeel 11 years ago
No more info received. It IS possible to change the user picture, just go to "Settings > Personal Data" and click the old picture.

it's been a while since i used biowallet and i've forgotten how i signed.

Anonymous 10 years ago updated by Mobbeel 10 years ago 0
i didn't enroll password protection and i keep trying to sign but i just can't get it. is there any way i can recover my records?
Mobbeel 10 years ago

I'm afraid that if you didn't enroll the password and you don't remember your signature, there is no other way to access your records.

Your information is stored encrypted using a unique key generated from your handwritten signature so there is nothing we can do to recover it. Sorry

Best Regards,
Mobbeel Team.

I would pay for Dropbox integration

Zsolt Pinter 9 years ago updated by Mobbeel 9 years ago 0
Mobbeel 9 years ago
Thanks, next version will have a basic Dropbox integration for free. It will allow to save your backups in your Dropbox account without Internet connectivity if you have the Dropbox client installed on your phone.

A more transparent integration would require Internet connectivity and many of our users are not comfortable with that, but probably in the future it will be released as a plugin or as a different version.

Mobbeel Team


Signature not recognized after device firmware upgrade

Afzal Ashraf 8 years ago updated by Robert Benoit 8 years ago 1

I am not able to log in using my signature on my samsung galaxy S3. I had done a firmware upgrade to Jelly Bean (4.1.1). I have tried signature several times. But did not suceed and I am afraid I need some data urgently.

Could you suggest an alternate way. I have only signature encryption. Can I back up the data if I want to try reinstalling Biowallet? I dont want it to be lost.

Please consider this as high priority.




banca online

Fernando Cañas 10 years ago updated by Mobbeel 9 years ago 0

al entran en la pagina de un banco online, traslada bien las claves, pero ha continucion siempre sale el mensaje "su sesion a expirado" 

Mobbeel 9 years ago
Hola, algunos bancos bloquean el envío automático de formularios de login por razones de seguridad. En estos casos, puedes entrar en las Preferencias de BioWallet2Browser y desactivas la opción "Entrar automaticamente". De esta manera, una vez que el usuario y contraseña llegue a tu navegador y se rellenen los campos en el formulario podrás enviarlos manualmente con el botón de "login" de la página.
Under review

NO me deja entrar en la aplicacion

Lobopo2 10 years ago updated by Mobbeel 10 years ago 0
hace la peticion desde la pagina web al movil, me sale la notificacion en el movil pero sale error.
Y tampoco puedo abrir el programa, le doy al icono en el telefono pone tu eres la llave y cuando acaba de girar el dibujo sale de la aplicacion
Mobbeel 10 years ago
¿Qué versión de BioWallet Signature tienes instalada? ¿La que está en el Market (0.5.3) o la que está en el sitio web (1.0)?

Para que funcione correctamente BioWallet2Browser debes instalar la última versión de BioWallet Signature disponible aquí:


Si aún así sigues teniendo problemas, por favor contacta con nosotros en support@mobbeel.com y te guiaremos paso a paso hasta encontrar la solución.

Export Incomplete

Edward Ned Harvey 10 years ago updated by Mobbeel 10 years ago 3
biowallet 1.0.2 on android 2.2.1
I export to a file... And then I look through the .csv file, and I see it contains only one entry, which is an entry I deleted long ago. Currently I have only one entry, and it's not present in the export.

I don't know if this is reproducible, but here is what I did:

Installed biowallet 1.0.1
Deleted all the built-in categories.
Created a new test "foo" entry (text document)
Created a 2nd entry which I actually care about.
Deleted the "foo" entry.
Upgraded to 1.0.2
Export to a file (including password and attachments)

My exported file only contains "foo" and not the entry that I actually care about.