Your comments

You're right. I feel just a little stupid!
The long press gave me the context menu of folders, record and cut, but no opportunity to delete (cut is supposed to be followed by paste?)
But yes, selecting with the trackball, then menu-delete works fine.
A bug to be corrected?
I agree - a better idea!
Incidentally, I don't seem to be able to delete folders whatever way I try
Thankyou. The thing that was a problem was that the paste in the long press wasn't working - but I find that it does work as you suggest in the phone menu.
It might be worth putting a note to say this in the FAQ section.
Thankyou for your reply. Well, I'd suggest that your goal (with your wonderful rotating image etc) is to replicate the real card, and if that is so, then cards say "Expires end> 03/11". So a 2 digit date is ideal if it is not too much trouble. I still also get asked for "Valid From" dates on occasion.