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Of course we are not collecting any personal information. All the sensitive data (including your biometric templates) are encrypted and stored in the phone. They are never ever sent outside the device.

There are ways to monitor the data that is transmitted from your phone and many clever guys out there. If we were sending something sensitive in a matter of hours somebody would realize and we would be in serious trouble. Believe us, we are not evil.

However, it's a beta and we do collect anonymous usage data and error information if a crash happens when using the application, that's why we need Internet permission. I will repeat it again: we only send anonymous statistics and error data, but never sensitive or personal information. That's stated in the EULA terms, but unfortunately nobody read it.
Please send us the example to support(at)mobbeel(dot)com and we'll reply to your mail.

Hello Dave,

In the next release, v0.4, Internet access permission will be removed ;) (as well as the ads)

Thanks for your feedback
Hi All, You can now check out BioWallet FAQ:

Please tell us anything you missed on it
It seems reasonable to us, we will try to fix it for the next release.