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Could you please send us an email to support [at] mobbeel [dot] com and detail your problem? We will be happy to help you.
Locking your phone with BioWallet is currently not possible.

It is on our roadmap and we hope it will available in next releases.
No more info received. It IS possible to change the user picture, just go to "Settings > Personal Data" and click the old picture.
Thanks! We are working hard to get iris recognition ready for the market as soon as possible.

You're completely right. This will be available again in the next release with some improvements.

Until then, you can touch in the link of the summary screen (it is the one that appears if you navigate through the records with the trackball of your devices), and it will open the browser pointing to that url with the password copied into the clipboard (exactly the same that button "Go" did)
Thanks for your encouraging words! We appreciate it :)

1. Custom record types are in our roadmap but not for next releases. Is there any record type you miss in the app? other than "custom record" of course ;)

2. Help is available on the web in english ( It was a problem with the link on the app, it will be fixed for the next update.

3. We will review every record's field

4. The "General" type for the credit card record does not have validations. We've tested with some MasterCard's debit card and they work (it doesn't show the warning message) with "Master Card" credit card record. Nevertheless we will review it for the next update.

5. This behaviour has been changed for the next version. It will be less annoying ;)

6. Sorry. This is just the system to inform users the biometric methods in which they are authenticated (they will be more biometric methods in the future ^_^)

Regarding the signature dynamic validation. The tolerance level is a little high so the people that are not used to sign on a touch screen were able to authenticate into BioWallet. That level of tolerance/security can be changed in the app's settings (Settings -> Signature Security Level). You can test your signature in the settings before actually changing the tolerance/security value.
This should be fixed in the current version that have been released to the Android Market.
UPDATE: Internet access has been removed starting with the 0.4.0 version.
We have never been able to reproduce it. No reports received from any user.
Starting 0.4.0 version, you can restart the enrollment process using the option "Settings / Register your signature again".