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Hello Gilmar, 

Could you tell us what version of Chrome you're using? We've got a known issue with the latest beta and dev version of the browser.

Hi, This the first notice we have had, but I can assure you our application is not a risk.

Which antivirus is that? We would like to review it and find out why it thinks our app is a risk.

Thanks for the info and rest assured it's not a malicious app at all.

Mobbeel Team

Hello Roland,

You don't need a 3G connection to work with BioWallet2Browser. The error you report seems to be a connection problem either on your PC or your phone. Maybe you are behind a firewall that restricts your outgoing connections? Also, make sure you are logged in with the same google account in both your phone and your chrome browser.


Mobbeel Team.

Hello lordicon,

As you say the mail record is intented for store the connection information.

If you want to store protect or encrypt any other information you should use attach it to the record using the attachment options (this information will be encrypted). 

If you want to protect all your mails maybe it would be better if you protect the access to the mail application (there are apps on the market that could do that and BioWallet will have this feature in the near future ;) 

Best regards,
Mobbeel Team.
Hi Andreas,

Thank for your suggestions.

- 1Password integration is very interesting and we will study it

- Dropbox integration is already under development and it should be available in future releases

Best regards,
Mobbeel Team.
Hello Рен,

For now, records in BioWallet Signature are always in edit mode. If you have made changes in a record and don't want to persist just press cancel button on the screen or the phone's back button (changes are only saved is you use the "Save" button). Sorry for the incovenience.

I don't fully understand what you mean with "... install a photo". Could you describe your suggestion a little more? Thanks.

Best Regards,
Mobbeel Team.
Thanks for your words, we really appreciate them.

We keep working hard, but there isn't an ETA yet. 

Anyway, send us an email to beta (at) biowallet (dot) net and we will signup you for the next beta (it hasn't started yet).

Mobbeel Team.

When you encrypt a file using BioWallet the app asks you if you want to "move file to private zone" or "keep file into the sdcard". 

If you select to keep it in the sdcard it will be encrypted in the same location as the original file (if its location is an external sdcard the file will be stored there).

If what you are suggesting is the ability to select the destination folder everytime you encrypt a file... this is a feature we already have in our roadmap (and we hope it will be implemented soon ;) .

Thanks for the suggestion.

Best regards,
Mobbeel Team.
You have an option delete all your information without losing your enrollment under Settings -> User -> Delete Stored Information. This option is the same as "Reset Application" but you keep your enrollment (signature and password).