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We realize it's difficult to sign with your finger if your signature is very complex.

Our advice is to simplify it a bit to fit the screen, but keep the essence.

Probably it's not a good idea if you just write some random letters or traits. The process recognizes the WAY you sign (speed, pressure, ...), not the final result. If you write a letter or symbol without a lot of training, the way you do it each time will vary and you won't be recognized.
This is one the features planned for next releases. It is very very useful.

Thanks for the suggestion
We have received reports that the application show s up in Canada now.

However, the application is not available for rooted phones.
Not right now. In a future version we will release a public API so other applications (image gallery, sms, contact manager...) will be able to integrate with BioWallet to protect their own information.

Probably we will release some sample applications but we do hope other developers with great apps will add security capabilities through BioWallet.
This bug is already fixed and it will be available in the next release of the app.

The credit card record has been re-designed. You can see the new interface here :

Thanks for the feedback.
UPDATE: Internet access has been removed starting with the 0.4.0 version.
When you encrypt a file, a document record is created inside BioWallet with the encrypted file attached.

If you open the record, go to the "Attachments" tab and click on the attachment, it will be decrypted and launched with the configured viewer in your phone for that kind of file (image gallery, media player, whatever).

Also, you can long-click on the file and then "export" it (decrypted) to the SD card to open it with your preferred file manager.
Sorry, but BioWallet Signature only provides handwritten signature recognition. We are still working on iris recognition but it's not ready yet for the market.

This is the default behaviour, the application has a "session time" where you can access all your information if you don't explicit logout from the app.

This can be changed in the application's settings:
- You can set the duration of the inactivity session time. The setting is called "Inactivity time"
- and/or you can tell the application to automatically logout everytime the phone is locked. "Logout when locked"

You can check out all the available settings in the application's FAQ
1) Once you have set up your password under "Settings > Password authentication", you can log in using it if you press the menú button while you are in the "Authentication Wizard" (the screen that shows the "Signature recognition" button). Yes, maybe it's too hidden and not intuitive. We will consider another options...

2) The encrypt button is a quick way to protect a file stored in the sdcard. Once the file is selected, an encrypted copy will be created, and you can leave it into the sdcard or move it to the internal memory. A new record will be created inside BioWallet with the document attached (from there you can view it or export a decrypted copy to the sdcard again).