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UPDATE: You can now check out BioWallet FAQ:

Please tell us anything you missed on it
Ooops! Thanks for pointing it out Dave, it will be corrected in the next release.
Hello Geoff, no file has been received :(

Could you re-send it?


We are not collecting any personal information. All the sensitive data (including your biometric templates) are encrypted and stored in the phone. They are never ever sent outside the device.

Internet access permission is used to gather anonymous statistics data, to be able to show ads and pick usage errors (the app is still a beta and it is stated in the EULA terms).

BUT we have heard you loud and clear. In the next version, the application won't require Internet Access permission anymore. We're going to remove the ads as well.

¿Podría especificar más concretamente su problema? ¿es la foto del perfil de usuario la que no puede cambiar?

Hi, are you (or anybody) able to reproduce it? We are testing and after 3 unsuccessful attempts the "Rejected" screen is shown and the application closes, which is the right behaviour.

If you are able to reproduce it, could you please send the steps, phone model and Android version to support(at)mobbeel(dot)com?

Thanks for your help.
Hi, it must be a Google issue. We have published it for all locations, without restrictions. We will contact them to see if there is a problem with Rogers/Canada.

In the meantime, you can download it directly from our web site

(make sure the option "Settings > Applications > Unknown sources" is checked).

Also, which phone model and Android version are you using?

The re-enrollment feature will probably be added at some point in the future.

However, if you are able to enroll it means you are able to make 6 signatures very similar. After that, if you lower the thresholds a 20% you should be able to log in without too many problems. In addition, the application keeps learning every time you log in and add the signature to the template, so it should become easier after a few days.

Also, if you are having real troubles logging in with your signature you can set up a password in the settings and use it to enter.
You are right, the re-enrollment is one of the planned features for next releases.
Hi, we are already working on a step by step tutorial and FAQ.

In the meantime, regarding your specific question, maybe the easier ways is that you create a sample record of each type and export them.

A zip file will be created on /sdcard/BioWalletExportedFiles.

You can open that zip file and you will find a CSV file for each type of record plus one more for the folders. You can edit them to add more information and then import again to BioWallet.