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OK thanks, we will try to fix it, but some IE versions are really problematic...

We're migrating website to another platform, and we hope there's no problems with the new one.
About folder encryption: yes, that seems an interesting feature. I think it will be included in our roadmap.

About the encryption speed: maybe the current algorithm we are using is too complex. We could use a simpler and faster algorithm (but secure enough) and let the user choose.
La encriptación de carpetas es una opción muy interesante. La tendremos en cuenta para futuras versiones.

Muchas gracias por la sugerencia ;)
As propossed, Internet's permission was removed on version 0.4.
The import/export's problems of versión 0.4 have been resolved in the 0.5 version available on Android Market. Now, everything should work properly.
Es una buena idea, ¡no nos parece tonta en absoluto! Muchas gracias, tomamos nota... ;)

En la última versión disponible en el Android Market (v0.5) se ha incluido la posibilidad de desactivar sonidos. Muchas gracias por la sugerencia.
We are afraid you should re-train the signature recognition process if you change your phone because different devices could capture different data with your same signature (i.e.: the Samsung Galaxy touchscreen is much less sensitive than the HTC ones and captures less control points). If you train the process with one device and then you want to use a different one to log in, there is a high risk you won't be recognized.

Saving the personal data or preferences is an interesting feature and it could probably be implemented in future releases.

The data could be kept secure if we prompt the user for an "export password" and encrypt all the exported data with it. Then during the import process the user must enter it again to decrypt the data.
BioWallet Signature Beta is already on the Android Market. It can be found searching "biowallet" on the Market.

There are problems with some rooted devices. They are not able to see some apps.

Anyway, BioWallet Signature Beta can be downloaded from our web (, and it is exactly the same as the one available at the Market.
Starting 0.4.0 version, you can restart the enrollment process using the option "Settings / Register your signature again".