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Este importador está en nuestro roadmap, y planeamos añadirlo en futuras versiones (pero actualmente no es una prioridad).

Con el nuevo servicio que estamos lanzando, BioWallet2Browser, añadir nuevas contraseñas será mucho más sencillo y podrás utilizar tus contraseñas desde el navegador de tu ordenador directamente. Más información aquí:

Gracias por la sugerencia.

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The "username" is the only field required when you made the enrollment process (initial register). This is what you have to enter when the apps requires for it.

We've changed this behaviour for the next version so it will be no longer neccessary to enter your username everytime you access with the password.

Sorry for the inconveniences.

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Mobbeel Team.

Muchas gracias por reportar el bug. Esta corregido en la versión 1.0 que se encuentra en pruebas y que saldrá en breve.

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El equipo de mobbeel.

At this moment BioWallet Signature does not protect/encrypt the access to others apps. The app's record in BioWallet is designed so you can store your access data (user/pass) and so you can launch the application from within BioWallet (the password is automatically copied into the Android's clipboard).

About the autolog function you have two options right now:

1) Use the "Inactivity Time" setting. This inactivity time sets the time that your session in BioWallet will remain open with no user activity. Once that time has passed, BioWallet will ask for your signature again in you want to access to your information.

2) Enable the setting "Logout when locked". This will close your BioWallet's session if the phone is locked (either by you or by the device automatically).

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I'm afraid that if you didn't enroll the password and you don't remember your signature, there is no other way to access your records.

Your information is stored encrypted using a unique key generated from your handwritten signature so there is nothing we can do to recover it. Sorry

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Mobbeel Team.

We will add this possibility in next releases.

Thanks for the idea.

Mobbeel Team.
This information has been added to BioWallet's FAQ.

You can access here

To delete a file encrypted with BioWallet you have three options:

- 1) Login into BioWallet, go to the record that you've attached the file to, press "Attach" tab and then long click on the attachment you want to delete. A contextual menu should appear, press "Delete" to delete the file.

- 2) You can delete the attachments of a record by deleting the record itself.

The two previous options will work wheter you have selected to store the attachment (when you created it) into the private zone of the application or the sdcard.

-3) If you choose to store the attachment into the sdcard, you can also use your favourite File Browser application and delete the attachment with it (if you do this, BioWallet will show you a message error the next time you try to access this attachment with BioWallet).

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Mobbeel Team.
Don't worry ;)

That's why we have changed the context menu for the next release.

It will be more simple and user-friendly

Hello Alastair,

If you open the folder option in the contextual menu the app must show three options: add folder, edit folder and delete folder. If you use "delete folder" option, it should delete the folder. If it does not delete the folder, then it is a bug we have to correct. Could you test it?

Anyway, the contextual menu and its options will be simplified in the next release and it will be more useful.